About Me

Hi, my name is Pascal Wittmann and I am a software engineer and computer scientist. Currently, I build software for insurance companies at red6. We are a small company with a focus on agile, modern and custom-tailored software development.


Software engineering is much more than just coding. To me, it is the process of learning and refining ideas until they come alive. Writing software is like writing down a plan on how to realize your idea. The difference is, that writing software requires you to be as precise that a computer understands you, and at the same time as understandable that someone understands your program in five or more years.

Finding the balance between fast, understandable and maintainable code and choosing the right tools for the given tasks is what makes the technical side of software engineering is interesting to me. When I encouter problems that do not have satisfactory solutions I try hard to find some. This quest leads to tools like dmn-check, a tool to find inconsitencies and bugs in DMN files with static analysis.

I also like the social and subject-specific sides of software engineering. At the beginning of a new project, you are (most likely) not an expert on the subject-specific side. However, in many conversations with the experts on the subject, you start becoming an expert as well. You might never be on the level of the real experts, but you can often contribute to subject-specific issues because of your technical point of view. You are the person who has to implement the ideas, therefore you sometimes have to ask precise, uncomfortable questions.

Passions Beyond Software

Besides software, I spend much time with my family and try to be in the outdoors as much as possible. On holidays and extended weekends you will likely see me kayaking, climbing or skiing. When possible I try to be on my own (together with my family) and avoid the masses. For example, we like to do ski touring instead of regular aplin sking.